Here at Instep Podiatry Rutland we are pleased to introduce “FOOT BALANCE”, a foot analysis system that allows us to identify a person’s foot type quickly and accurately, which in turn enables us to demonstrate to the patient the potential impact that poor foot alignment can have on the body.

The system also allows us to accurately mould light weight, low bulk 100% custom orthotics there and then, thus ensuring a fast and efficient turn-around time so as to enable the patient to start to feel the benefits of orthotic therapy much quicker than conventional casting/impression taking.

If the patient wishes, they can enter their email address on to the system and a break-down of their analysis will be sent direct to them.

BACKGROUND: FootBalance was founded in 2003 by a Finnish Physiotherapist who specialized in Podiatric medicine and who wished to develop better, modern treatments so as to try to improve the foot health of some of the 13 billion feet walking the planet. It has grown rapidly and is now available in more than 50 countries.

Independent research from the University of Salzburg (Austria) and University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) has confirmed that FootBalance custom orthotics have the potential to prevent injuries.

DID YOU KNOW: Over 75% of the population suffer from some degree of foot malalignment that has the potential to cause injury or discomfort elsewhere in the body e.g. in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back etc. With this in mind, the aim of FootBalance orthotics is to restore the feet to a ‘neutral’ stance and control (possibly problematic) excess movements as much as possible during the gait cycle.

The orthotics have a flexible core which allows the normal desired foot functions of shock absorption, adaptation to uneven surfaces, and basic body propulsion to continue, whilst seeking to limit any excess movement, as previously mentioned.

FootBalance orthotics come in two grades: MEDICAL and SPORTS.

Medical orthotics come as “Black”, “Gold” or “Silver”, all having wipe- clean antibacterial top covers as standard and have a life span of 1 – 2 years depending on body weight and usage i.e. someone who treks 100’s of miles each week would theoretically wear them out soonest.

BLACK: Cost £120 per pair including moulding,  any modification, and fitting. These are the most bulky as they offer maximum control due to more rigidity and padding.

Gold and Silver retail at £100 per pair including everything as above. Both are more flexible and less bulky (still padded for comfort), the difference is Gold are more slimline to allow fitting in to e.g. dress shoes. Both can be used in sports shoes if desired.

All of these orthotics can be cut down and bevelled to be used as a ¾ length device if required.

SPORTS ORTHOTICS: £80 including adaptation e.t.c., they fit in to virtually all sports footwear and have a lifespan of approx.. 9 – 12 months depending on body weight and activity levels. This is incidentally how frequently it is recommended that runners seek new shoes !. They have an antifungal wipe -clean top cover and excellent cushioning.

It is not usually recommended that these sports orthotics are used as a ¾ length device but it isn’t unheard of.

We believe that FootBalance orthotics offer a quick, cost effective solution to problematic or potentially problematic gait abnormalities, especially when compared to the cost and time factor involved with more traditional bespoke orthotics.

Please feel free to pop in to “Instep” to enquire about a free FootBalance gait analysis.